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The most important part, the SEAT BELT which comes as standard in all our Tricycles. Secondly, the Tricycle is based on (ZED) ZERO EDGE DESIGN PLATFORM STORAGE SPACE: Dual storage space to keep stuff for kids, be it sipper, stuff toys, mobile phones etc.  The Footrest is both Fold-able and Rotate-able which can be adjusted as per the need CUSHIONED PARENTAL CONTROL: Not just Parents, now even Elder Siblings can move the Tricycle

1.Adjustable canopy                                                                                    2. Stylish Parental Control.                                                                            3.Easy Grip Handles                                                                            4.Comfortable seat with safety belts                                                            5.Front basket and Back basket. Back basket detachable. to storage little things like child's toys and water bottle                                                        6. Colourful mickey pedal                                                                        7.foot Rest                                                                                          8.Sturdy wheel over 2 inch widened wheel with non-slip design for maximum stability.

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